The DUET AutoFeed Cutter operates both Knife and Pen or Inkjet for the precise, smooth, effortless Cutting and Marking of a wide variety of Cards and Plastics. Standard Card can be Cut up to 0.6 mm thickness and Plastics/Vinyls up to 2 mm thick. The Card is automatically pulled from the Roll to keep a continuous flow of cutting & plotting of annotation. Due to the Automatic Roll Feed Pattern lengths are un-limited (up to Roll length).

Being of Flatbed Design no movement of the material occurs whilst cutting which makes for easy cutting of more difficult materials while the Vacuum holds the material in place.

Compatible with a wide variety of Softwares. The DUET AutoFeed Models come with our ‘Show-It’ Software for ease of driving from Most HP-GL, DMPL and Gerber files made from CAD Software such as AutoCAD and the Majority of Textile Softwares.

Technical Specifications

Models Duet 1800SE & ST Duet 1200SE & ST
Cutting Area 1820mm x 900mm (71.5″x 35.5″) 1220mmx 900mm (48″x 35.5″)
Table Size 2230mmx 1420mm (88″x 56″) 1630mm x 1420mm (64″x 56″)
Max Material Size 1850mm x Roll length (73″) 1250mm x Roll length (49″)

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