Low-cost blade replacement / Includes ‘SHOW-IT’ control software / Dual tool head for knife & pen Sacrificial cutting surface / Pen adaptor for using low cost writing pens / Optional tilt & angle stand.

The ‘DUET’ high tech, card cutting table cuts pattern card templates for a vast variety of industries:- Apparel, furniture, automotive, marine, plus many more. In addition to pattern card the ‘DUET’ can also cut rubber, vinyl and plastics for non-apparel applications. The cutting head provides two tools:- carbide steel blade and pen for annotation.

Technical Specifications

Models Size 1 Size 2
Cutting Area 1200 x 990mm (47″x 39″) 1820 x 1016mm (71.5″x 40″)
Table Size (Tilt stand option) 1422 x 1346mm (56″x 53″) (Fixed stand option) 2038 x 1371mm (80″x 54″)
Max Card Size 1080mm x roll length or 1422mm (56″) 1106mm x roll length or 2038mm (80″)

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