Neon 2000 – Accepts various paper widths from 36″ (91 cm) to 75″ (195 cm)
Neon 2200 – Accepts various paper widths from 36″ (91 cm) to 86″ (220 cm)

Ultra High Speed Marker Plotter designed to meet all sectors of the Sewn Goods Industry: – Apparel, Furniture and Automotive. To provide swift transfer of Marker images to paper at high speed and low operating costs.

An up-grade to the highly successful Neon II, the Neon 2000 has evolved which provides the Lowest Running cost solution for Marker Production and with the New Optional Ink Out detection system ensures that time is not wasted for the re-plotting of the Complete Marker.

Technical Specifications

Models Neon 2000 Neon 2200
Type 72″ (183cm) 86″ (220cm)
Roll Feed & Take Up Yes Yes
Paper Width Max 75″ (191cm) 86.5″ (220cm)
Paper Width Min 35.5″ (90cm) 35.5″ (90cm)
Variable Paper Sizes 36″ to 75″ 36″ to 86″
Plot Width Max 75″ (191cm) 86″ (220cm)
Paper Roll Dia. Max 8.5″ (21cm) 8.5″ (21cm)
Length @ 60gsm 550Yds (600m) 550Yds (600m)
Speed Max 113cm/s (80Axis) 113cm/s (80Axis)
Overall Dims. Inc. Stand 230 x 57 X 102cm 1250 x 57 X 102cm
Shipping Weight 187lbs (85Kgs) 227lbs (103Kgs)

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